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American Gangster (2007)
A Ridley Scott film starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe
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For the real lowdown on Frank Lucas, check out Marks' article, The Return of Superfly, from New York Magazine.
Frank Lucas (the gangster), Richie Roberts (the cop), Nicholas Pileggi, and Mark Jacobson discussed the film with Charlie Rose.

The Believer (2001) (based on a story by Mark Jacobson)
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001Sundance Film Festival, and the Humanitas Prize.
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American Gangster (2007)
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American Gangster: And Other Tales of New York (2007)
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Teenage Hipster in the Modern World: From the Birth of Punk to the Land of Bush: Thirty Years of Apocalyptic Journalism (2005)
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12,000 Miles in the Nick of Time (2003)
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Everyone and No One (1997)
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Gojiro: A Novel (1991)
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